Prisoners of Hope – On Cornel West and Abraham Joshua Heschel.

On Saturday night I had the opportunity to listen to Cornel West (Professor, Historian, Philosopher and Social Activist) wax eloquent about the work of Rabi Abraham Heschel, and how it fertilised the soil of his imagination. For West the kinship with Heschel transcends their shared Judeo-Christian roots, rather it is in the subversive prose that HeschelContinue reading “Prisoners of Hope – On Cornel West and Abraham Joshua Heschel.”

When the saints went marching

MLK Jr. day was on Monday. I went to my first march and it was incredible. The march snaked for two miles along Seattle’s streets. It started in the Central District, and moved through Capitol Hill, ending at WestLake Park. A multitude of people, fighting for a plethora of causes, turned up to have theirContinue reading “When the saints went marching”

How to lessen your chances of being railroaded.

Sometimes in life, we make decisions that take an awful turn for the worst, and it is entirely our own fault. We can’t divorce ourselves from the blame, we messed up royally, and have to deal with the consequences as gamely as possible. There are times though, when we are the unfortunate animal, that isContinue reading “How to lessen your chances of being railroaded.”