Self Enemy

I am currently studying for a Hebrew Qualifying Exam so that I don’t have to take the class. It’s tough going. I have to review, vocab, nouns, verbs, syntax, morphology. So sometimes I just don’t do it. Instead I blog (“,) tweet, read, eat, anything but Hebrew. Of course it is an 800-pound gorilla inContinue reading “Self Enemy”

Bone Collectors

I spent hours on the phone, skype, tango, viber, vtok, gmail sending messages and speaking with people. I spoke to my aunt all the way in Ghana and struggled through the Twi  New Year’s Greeting. Afehyia Pa! ( this means “good year”) and the response is Afe nko mbo to hyen (this basically means “may this yearContinue reading “Bone Collectors”


Oranges I love oranges, and recently I came into a heavy bagful of juicy Alabama oranges while in NY, well actually Florida oranges, I don’t think Alabama grows oranges? These were no ordinary oranges my friends, they were organic. The skin peels away beautifully, the segments break away obediently and melt in your mouth. AndContinue reading “Oranges”