A Fishy Dilemma

Face drenched. Heart Pounding. Conscience seared. In between mouthfuls of salty sea water, he must have wondered how in the world he ended up between the gruff hands of weather beaten sailors. As the icy water crashed into his quivering body Jonah had learnt that this was the only option for amelioration.

Someone said that dilema’s aren’t supposed to be “fixed”. All problems aren’t meant to be “smoothed”. The solutions we see sometimes come from living through them. It’s rough of course. We find ourselves in situations that to all purposes we have spun ourselves, and God does not always give us a “get out of jail free card”.  Even if we can escape the situation we’ve created (temporarily), but we can’t escape ourselves. We can never escape ourselves.

In the sodden belly of a huge fish, Jonah could not escape himself.

-Jonah 2: 1 [a]From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the LORD his God.

When find ourselves in dark places, facing innumerable dilemmas, we would do well to follow Jonah’s example and lift our voice in heartfelt prayer. God did not forget stubborn Jonah, and he will not forget any of his blood bought children.

Published by abeccai

An optimistic and progressing follow of Christ. Currently loving life with my family in Seattle, WA.

One thought on “A Fishy Dilemma

  1. “amelioration” I have to go to http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ameliorate to find out what this means (“,)

    Simple but potent brother!! Keep on keeping on IN CHRIST, that’s the only we keep on, not by gritting our teeth!!

    God bless

    Miss you loads man!!!!!!! 😦
    Remember that run from my house to the tube station from Victoria station to the coach station?….lol….I’ll never forget what you said to me….. Mike was you in the Army Cadets??? ROFL!!

    Keep writing

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