False Advertising

In African homes all is not as it seems. Recently on twitter #inanafricanhome was trending, and one common experience people shared was the disappointment of the unfulfilled. An example that really hit home was an experience I was familiar with: Sometimes I would crave ice-cream and  go to the freezer and find a tub of Wall’s soft scoop. “Yes! Success”  I would then open the tub, ready to dig into the delicious treat, only to find, soup, or beans!?! Its crushing, lol. When you are a teenager it has been scientifically proven that your body is fuelled exclusively on teeth rotting, diabetes inducing sugar highs. Donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and ice-cream for diner (“,)

So to be deprived of this glucose rush is pretty galling. You expect sweetness but instead find savouriness.

In Exodus 32:17,18 Joshua is coming down the mountain with Moses. Joshua is pumped. They snake their way down the steep decline, Moses’s hands grips the two tablets of stone. As they get closer Joshua hears people shouting. It’s not hymns, it’s not prayer, it’s not testifying. It sounds like a battle. Joshua had been expecting to find a worshiping, committed people. Instead when he opened the top of the Walls Soft Scoop it wasn’t sweet ice-cream, or even savoury soup, it was a hot stinking mess. Moses is mad, God is mad, and it is only Moses intervention and God’s strong love that prevents the children of Israel from being permanently deleted from the archives of world history.

As Christian’s it is our duty as witnesses to fulfil the positive expectations of  Christ-followers, and debunk unbelievers negative misconception of Christians. Unfortunately we are guilty at times of being a Christian by name only. Our content betrays our label, and we are guilty of false advertising and at times gross spiritual misconduct.


Published by abeccai

An optimistic and progressing follow of Christ. Currently loving life with my family in Seattle, WA.

2 thoughts on “False Advertising

  1. Yes! You hit the nail right on the head. Oftentimes it’s easy to forget that “we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men” and we go our own way, marring the title of ‘Christian’ as we do…

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