Soooo, yesterday I was at a bible study and after it was done we had a very interesting discussion as we were getting ready to leave. One of the ladies that attended has recently started to take Zumba lessons.

For those who don’t know, Zumba lets you dance your way to fitness (see image.) I jokingly asked the ladies husband if he was taking Zumba lessons on the DL, and he was like “nahh”. Then I said “yeh, no guy should ever take Zumba!” He then turned around and made an interesting social observation about the stereotypical male view of sexuality in the Western context. He said “the things that should be considered “homoerotic” are considered heterosexual, and the things that should be considered heterosexual are considered homoerotic.

Four examples came out of that convo that had me almost ROFL.

1a. Wrestling – men on the floor in tight vests trying to get on top of each and pin each other down. Male Western View  – Manly

1b. Ice Skating – A man on ice with a woman in a miniskirt, lifting and grabbing her to a song. Male Western View – Girly

2a. American Football – Men in tights, jumping on each other, coaches slap grown mens butts. Male Western View – Manly

2b. Zumba – Women dancing in workout clothes with a couple of men in the class. Male Western View – Girly

3a. Weight lifting – Men in gym sweating and looking at each others muscles.Male Western View – Manly

3b. Elliptical – Man on elliptical machine typically surrounded by many women. Male Western View – Girly

I thought it was so ironic/hilarious that the very thing espoused as stellar examples of masculinity by the (stereotypical) Western Male seems to be the total opposite at closer inspection. So for all you guys that are doing Zumba in the privacy of your dorm, apartment, or slinking into Zumba classes under the cover of night, with your wife/g’friend its ok. Really, its fine. Your masculinity does not hinge on it, lol. Do you, Zuuuuuuummmmbbbbbaaaaa!!! (Just to be clear, I am NOT saying that the being with/around women is the mark of masculinity.)

The bible describes men who are in various livelhoods. You have soldiers, poets, shepherds, musicians, fishermen, and theologians. Its a very balanced and well rounded portrayal of men, one that is neither bullish nor flimsy. Like anything else I don’t think we can go wrong if we take God’s perspective and ditch the worlds.

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An optimistic and progressing follow of Christ. Currently loving life with my family in Seattle, WA.

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